More than a stake pool

Tilia is a latin name for a tree. Depending on where you come from you might know this tree by the name of linden, lime tree or basswood.
In some cultures villagers often gathered in the shade of a tilia tree for the meetings where they resolved their disputes, had elections, divided the tasks that needed to be done and even for the feasts. As a tree with a big treetop, tilia also symbolizes growth, stability and prosperity.

Tilia cordata, 700 years old, photo: Žiga, public domain

Our vision at Tilia I/O is to help spreading adoption of Cardano ecosystem and we can only do that if Tilia I/O grows along.

We aim to achieve our vision through focusing our activity on the following areas:

  • growth of Cardano ecosystem
  • software development solutions
  • offering professional stake pool service

Growth of Cardano ecosystem

Tilia I/O will strive to augment the growth of Cardano ecosystem by spreading the word and knowledge about Cardano as much as we see fit, through social networks, blog posts or any other form whether it’s online or in the real world. Real adoption can come through different channel and one of them is certainly education and awareness.

Software development solutions

We’ve been working in IT industry for 20 years. We’ve been working on smaller projects as well as on big projects for well known world companies from the IT business. We have experience in various IT areas. We’ve been involved in developing backup software as well as desktop applications and web applications. We also have extensive experience in software testing.

At Tilia I/O we aim to develop software solutions that can help grow Cardano ecosystem especially solutions of educational nature.

Offering professional stake pool service

Tilia I/O motives to run a Cardano stake pool are:

  • help keeping the Cardano ecosystem decentralized
  • use rewards to develop our vision described above

If our beliefs resonate with you we invite you to stake with us (ticker TILX on ITN)