Here you can find important links to various Cardano material. This is not a complete list but it’s a good starting point. We try to keep the page updated but in case you find a broken link, please let us know.

Official resources

Cardano – Home page of Cardano blockchain

The main entities involved

IOHK – The company which is developing Cardano blockchain

Cardano Foundation – Driving adoption of Cardano, growing Cardano community and more

Emurgo – Providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises and governments


Daedalus – Cardano desktop wallet based on electron [windows/mac/linux] – Downloads full blockchain copy

Yoroi – Lightweight Web browser wallet – can run in any Chrome based browser and does not download the whole blockchain. For mobile version search Apple’s App store or Google’s Play store.

Additional Resources

Cardano Roadmap – Check out various projects which Cardano consists of and their respective timelines

Cardano Docs – Documents explaining Cardano stack


IOHK Zendesk – If you have a problem with their software search for answers here or open an issue

Incentivized Testnet

Incentivized testnet – Here you can download Daedalus wallet for ITN, find out more about what a stake pool is or use the rewards calculator to estimate how much you can get

Shelley Block explorer – Search for epochs, blocks, addresses, stake pools and transactions

Community resources

Ada Pools (ITN) – check Cardano network health, pools statistics, forks, etc.

Ada Scan – check Cardano network health, pools statistics,…

Pool Tool (ITN) – check Cardano network health, pools statistics, (ROS, blocks minted and more), forks, …

*ITN – Resources with this mark are available for Incentivized net only