How Do I stake my Ada
You can stake your Ada by using an official wallet like Daedalus or Yoroi. While Daedalus is a desktop wallet with complete copy of the Cardano blockchain, Yoroi is a lightweight client that can run as a plugin inside any Chrome based browser like Brave browser and Chrome for example. Yoroi is also available for smartphones.

NOTE: Before installing any wallet make sure you really are installing from the trusted sources!

What are your fees?
Our fees on Incentivized Testnet are 1.25%. Once the mainnet staking is launched we may adapt our fees to a more sustainable value but they will still be competitive to give you the best possible return on staking.
Is my Ada safe while staking?
Your Ada is perfectly safe as it does never leave your wallet. It’s not locked either. You can spend it whenever you want wile staking. With staking each user has a vote in Cardano blockchain proportional to the height of his stake. By staking you basically support the pool you are staking with.
When will I receive my staking rewards?
If you stake in current epoch E you get your staking rewards in ecpoh E+2. If you are staking with pool A and want to switch your stake to pool B you will start getting the B’s rewards after 2 epochs. In the meantime you will be getting rewards from your stake in pool A.
Who are you?
We are independent Cardano community members who love Cardano project and are invested in it.
Why should I stake with you?
Cardano blockchain decentralization is just starting. At this point it’s crucial that Cardano blockchain grows a healthy and diverse stake pool network (nodes). We think we can contribute to it by providing our staking service. Our wish is Cardano to succeed and we will do our best to assist it by promoting it and fund mostly educational projects that will integrate or promote Cardano. We cannot do it alone. If our vision is resonating with you we kindly invite you to stake with us.
Where are you located
We are located in Europe and we are part of EU zone.